Plate with kale, almonds, lentils, tomatoes and hummus.

Pixie’s 7-Day Vegan Challenge

A 7-day vegan challenge. Hmm. What had I signed up for? I was worried. But I’ve learned that to worry is to put faith in the wrong thing, i.e., a negative outcome. I had to turn my thinking around if I were going to be successful in this experiment. But, when you’re hungry that’s hard to do.

Fresh vegetables including kale, cabbage and cucumber and a dozen eggs.

Pepper on Meal Kit Subscription Services

Hmm, what can I make for dinner from this delicious selection of ingredients? Pepper on Meal Kit Subscription Services I love to cook. I cook every day. My way of unwinding is to cook – usually with a glass of wine. I rarely use recipes on weekdays; instead, I use my experience and imagination to…

Four pink roses with green vines.

Between Two Grandmothers

My two grandmothers’ cooking styles and ways of loving were as different as their personalities and upbringings, they were night and day and from different worlds.

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Above the lowly plant it towers,

The fennel with its yellow flowers.

And in an earlier age than ours

Was gifted with wondrous powers

Lost vison to restore.

It gave new strength and fearless mood

And gladiators, fierce and rude,

Mingled it in their daily food.

And he who battled and subdued,

A wreath of fennel wore.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “Goblet of Life”

Bunches of fennel with the bulbs and fronds standing straight up.
Once worn by gladiators as a wreath.
Several fennel bulbs on a wooden table.
Fennel, eaten by gladiators long ago and sold at local farmers markets today.