Plate of chocolate cookies with candy canes and cookbook in the background.

The 2018 Survey Results are In!

UnitedInFood’s 1st Christmas Holiday Season Annual Survey – The Results are In! We crunched the numbers of UnitedInFood’s 1st Christmas Holiday Season Annual Survey. Initially, the idea of doing a survey during the Christmas holiday season did not seem like the best idea we’ve ever come up with. Adding something to people’s to-do list is not…

Large candy squash next to apples and cranberries.

It’s Hard to Be Vegan at Thanksgiving Dinner

Hope shares the challenges of being vegan and Thanksgiving dinner. She gives tips that can help both sides of the table enjoy the meal and she answers the age-old question, is Thanksgiving about one another or the food?

Plant with apple crumble and pumpkins in the background.

What the Fall Season Means to Me

September 22nd was the fall equinox. The 2018 summer season officially ended and autumn, a.k.a. fall, began. Shifting between these two seasons is not too hard because there still are warm days to cherish and some farmers markets are still open.

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