About Us

About Us

United In Food was founded in 2017 by two cousins, Pepper and Pixie and is the fulfillment of a many years’ dream come true. Since we are family, our love of food (some might rightly call it an obsession) is in our DNA and couldn’t be helped. We love food in its infinite variety and the ways that food brings families, friends and communities together. The local food movements sweeping the country (and the world) bring exciting opportunities to link us together and we will include those in this website. By connecting food consumers to what’s happening locally, we hope to unite and strengthen communities’ ties.

The information in this website and our social media is based on our research, curiosity and exploration. We are selective on what we include in this website, and we are not providing ratings or critiques. While we will do our best to ensure information is correct, we can’t provide a guarantee of accuracy. From time-to-time, information may be out-of-date because we haven’t caught up yet; please pardon us when that happens. If you see something that is incorrect, please contact us at info@unitedinfood.com. We are not paid for product reviews or including something on this website or on social media; if we do receive free products to review, we will disclose that information and it will not affect our decision on whether to include it or our evaluation of it. We invite you to spend time with United In Food exploring food resources in your community and beyond.

If you’d like to contact United In Food about this website, our mission, if you have information you’d like to see on this website (we can’t guarantee we’ll add it but we’ll be sure to check it out) or if you have current information, please email us. And, if we got something wrong, we definitely want to know about that too. We can be reached at info@unitedinfood.com 

Use of any name or trademark in connection with any information provided on this website is solely for the purpose of describing such information and is not intended to suggest any affiliation or sponsorship. All trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

Thanks, and stay with us as we work to unite communities and food!