Grass with picnic basket, blanket and place settings.
Grass with picnic basket, blanket and place settings.
It's summertime, perfect time for a picnic.

Time For A Picnic!

Summertime is finally here, it’s picnic-time! A picnic is a meal that you pack-up and take someplace else, such as to a park or a lake or the beach and enjoy eating outside amongst the beautiful scenery.

What is in your picnic basket? For many, a picnic includes fried chicken, potato or macaroni salad, coleslaw, hot dogs and burgers, apple pie and sweet tea – yum!  But when you pack your picnic basket this summer, remember to include some fresh vegetables and produce from your local farmers market, farm store or produce stand. Not only will your picnic be bursting with flavor and nutrition but beautiful colors too! And if you are like us, we keep forgetting that when packing the food and beverages for our picnic, the kitchen sink really is better off left at home.

A white table cloth holding pink, green, and blue plastic mesh baskets of orange apricots next to a large cardboard box holding a lot of dark red and bright red cherries.
Early summer stone fruits are tart, sweet and bursting with summer tastes!
A brown checked table cloth holds 5 green bell peppers and 5 cucumbers.
Early summer harvest is just a glimpse of what's to come in the next few weeks!